Startup zavvie helps Colorado homeowners find the “savvy” real estate agents


Real estate pros help sellers with neighborhood insight, intelligence not available online

Boulder, Colorado – May 24, 2017 – (RealEstateRama) — To characterize Molly and Michael Rowells as experienced home sellers is an understatement, considering that collectively, they’ve moved more than a dozen times. The couple has four children and both are retired U.S. military veterans.

But its how these astute, highly skilled home sellers selected a neighborhood expert, Chris, from among the real estate agents they personally knew and the hundreds of licensed Colorado real estate professionals who spend tens of thousands of dollars touting their services online that exposed their services to Molly and Michael. Their personal search helps explain what makes zavvie — the new Colorado real estate tech startup – so different, and so valuable, to consumers looking to sell or buy a home, as it gives them unique access to real estate pros with the best local expertise.

Not all agents are created equal
When the Army transferred Molly and Michael from New Orleans to Colorado, they literally had to buy a home in three days and looked at literally dozens of houses. They settled on a great home in Terrain, but knew that someday, they would want more land. “Our son just turned 9 in January and we wanted more land so he could go beat a stick on a tree or go dig a hole where he wanted, you know?” Molly said. “We have so many reasons, but we are also looking for our forever home – our retirement home – and we hope this next one we move to fits everything.”

Cyberstalking: The good kind
It was online that Molly found her future agent, Chris Cote. At first, she didn’t even know he was a real estate agent. Chris was on Terrain’s neighborhood website – which is a service identical to what zavvie provides – and Next Door, as she watched how Chris, as a neighborhood expert, interacted with people. “He didn’t sell himself as a real estate agent; he sold himself as a neighbor,” Molly said.

Local expertise is the key
zavvie’s Hornung points out that the Rowells’ experience online and offline is typical: there is a plethora of real estate information available online – just search any home address and you’ll see a dozen property listings for a home that’s not even for sale!



zavvie is the Digital Power Farming platform that delivers a complete system to build your listing business and make you the dominant agent in your neighborhood.

Phone: 833-829-9288

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